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Alanya Paragliding experience

Alanya is a unique destination that offers paragliding enthusiasts an unforgettable experience. This adventure, which takes place with tandem jumping, attracts thousands of tourists to see the beauties of Alanya from a bird's eye view.

The beginning of the tour begins with being picked up from your accommodation. You will have a pleasant climb to the top of the Taurus Mountains with the private shuttle vehicle waiting for you. Professional instructors prioritize safety by giving you detailed information before the jump.

When the moment comes to jump, it starts with an exciting run accompanied by sea and forest views. You float in the sky for about 20-25 minutes. To immortalize this magnificent experience, photographs and videos are taken with professional equipment.

Your Alanya paragliding jump ends by landing at Cleopatra Beach. Shuttle vehicles are waiting for you, ready to take you back to your accommodation. You can immortalize these unforgettable moments by purchasing the videos and photos taken at the end of the tour.

One of the reasons why you should choose Alanya is that your jumps take place with certified and professional pilots. Take-offs and jumps are carried out extremely comfortably using modern equipment. All kinds of safety precautions are taken, ensuring that adrenaline enthusiasts can experience this unique experience without fear.

Paragliding in Alanya has a history of approximately 10 years and we are one of the first companies to organize paragliding in this field. Our aim is to further develop this exciting sport and bring it to a wider audience. We are proud to be a pioneer in the field of paragliding in the Alanya region by improving ourselves day by day.

We invite you to Alanya Tandem Paragliding for a unique meeting of adrenaline and view. Get one step closer to your dreams and witness unforgettable moments with this exciting event. We would be happy to see you among us!

Question: What is Alanya Paragliding?

Answer: Alanya Paragliding is a tandem jumping sport accompanied by the unique views of the Taurus Mountains. This experience offers the opportunity to enjoy freedom and adrenaline in the sky with double jumps accompanied by trained pilots.

Question: Why is Paragliding Popular in Alanya?

Answer: Alanya is a holiday destination famous for its magnificent natural beauties, clean beaches and historical riches. Paragliding offers an ideal activity for those who want to see these beauties from a bird's eye view. Jumps accompanied by professional pilots have become popular among tourists.

Question: How to Paraglide in Alanya?

Answer: Alanya Paragliding usually starts with a private shuttle vehicle picked up from the accommodation. After a climb to the top of the Taurus Mountains, trained pilots give detailed information before the jump. Then, the run and jump takes place towards the sea and forest view.

Question: How Long Does the Jump Last and What Does It Include?

Answer: Jump time is usually between 20-25 minutes. During this time, your experience is immortalized with photos and videos taken by trained pilots. The jump ends with landing on Cleopatra Beach and waiting shuttles will take you back to your accommodation.

Question: Is Experience Required for Alanya Paragliding?

Answer: No, experience is not required for Alanya Paragliding. Since the jumps are generally made with tandem jumps, no experience or training is required. Professional pilots provide necessary information before the jump and provide a safe experience.

Question: What are Alanya Paragliding Prices?

Answer: Alanya Paragliding price in 2023 is 900 Turkish Liras per person. This fee usually includes services such as hotel pick-up, jumping, photography and video shooting. Prices may vary depending on season, tour operator and additional services.