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Alanya Paragliding Adventure

Paragliding in Alanya offers a great opportunity for those who want to enjoy flying along the Mediterranean coast. Jumping from high mountains and gliding over bays and beaches bathed in shades of blue is a priceless experience.

Our paragliding tour starts early in the day with our guide. We go to the top of the mountain by minibus from one of the designated points in Alanya. Here it is time to watch the view and increase the excitement... Our professional guide prepares the parachutes and gives information about their use. With tips and advice, you'll also be mentally prepared for the jump.

Finally, that big moment comes and with the guidance of your guide, you leave the mountain into the void! The first few seconds can be exciting, but afterwards it's a great feeling to feel the wind carrying you. Bays in different shades of blue, beaches, lush green mountains and small towns greet you. Together with your guide, you will discover all the beauties of Alanya, including the thermal waters and historical ruins on the route.

After the flight, which lasts about an hour, you immortalize the magnificent view and exciting moment with photographs and share this experience that you have engraved in your memory with your friends.

Join our tour now to experience a unique paragliding flight in Alanya and have the adventure of your life on the white beaches of Turkey! We are waiting for you in the sky!

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about tandem paragliding:

What is tandem paragliding?
A tandem paraglider is a specially designed double parachute that can carry a pilot and passenger during flight. This ensures a safe and enjoyable flight for inexperienced passengers.

From what age can it be done?
Generally suitable for ages 7 and up. Special arrangements are made for children. Pregnant women should not fly after the 3rd month.

How much will it take?
It takes approximately 10-20 minutes.

Is it safe?
Yes, it is extremely safe. The pilots have received professional training and a reserve parachute system is available.

Should it be suitable for weather conditions?
Yes, wind and weather conditions must be suitable for flight. The pilot evaluates the situation.

Is advance reservation required?
Yes, early booking is recommended. It can be difficult to find a seat during busy periods.

What does it cost?
Approximately 900 TL (30 EURO) per person. There is no extra cost.

Other popular activities and tour alternatives other than paragliding in Alanya are:

  • Boat Tours: Daily or afternoon boat tours are organized from Alanya. Spots such as Kızıldağ National Park, Sapadere Canyon, Lovers' Cave and Phosphorous Cave are visited.
  • Jeep Safari: Experience the excitement of jeep safari in the forest areas, valleys and villages around Alanya.
  • ATV Tours: Riding an ATV in mountainous areas is ideal for spending time alone with nature, away from the city crowds.
  • Rafting: There are suitable tracks for rafting in Köprüçay and Dimçay. It is an activity full of excitement and fun.
  • Diving: Alanya has interesting places for underwater diving. There are caves, sunken ships and reef diving spots.
  • Cable Car: It is possible to go to Damlataş Beach in Alanya by cable car and watch the city from a bird's eye view.