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Paragliding Experience in Alanya

Alanya is not only with its beauties but also Alanya paragliding It is also a famous holiday destination with the exciting experiences it offers for its enthusiasts. Paragliding tours in this magnificent destination are managed by experienced pilots who are certified by the international aviation federation FAI and have received disciplined training.

Tour Details and Prices:
Paragliding tours organized in Alanya are carried out by pilots trained with many years of experience and disciplined training. Tours start from a hill approximately 700 meters above Cleopatra beach and offer participants an unforgettable flying experience. 2024 parachute prices are offered in the Alanya region at the most affordable prices throughout Antalya. Flight prices for 2023 are 900 TL or 30 Euros per person.

Security precautions:
Alanya paragliding tours aim to provide participants with a safe flight experience. A free transfer is provided from your accommodation before the tour, and after reaching the station, you can reach the flight area within 25 minutes by off-road vehicle. The equipment used is known as tandem paragliders with advanced technology and is extremely safe with their large surface area.

Alanya paragliding tour offers participants a combination of Mediterranean, city and castle views, making them feel as free as a bird. This experience, which lasts 10-20 minutes with double jumps accompanied by a pilot, is designed as a tour suitable for anyone without any experience or training.

Flight time:
Paragliding flights vary depending on weather conditions. However, in general, these flights over the impressive nature of Alanya last between 10 and 20 minutes. During this time, participants regain their freedom while exploring the unique view of Alanya from the sky.

Suitable for Everyone:
Alanya paragliding tour is an activity that anyone without any experience or training can easily participate in. Accompanied by high-tech equipment and expert pilots, participants feel safe while embarking on an adrenaline-filled adventure.

10-20 minutes spent paragliding in Alanya turns into an experience full of unforgettable memories for holidaymakers. Don't miss the opportunity to experience this excitement by participating in paragliding in Alanya at the most affordable prices in Antalya!

Paragliding tours in Alanya stand out not only with their magnificent views and excitement, but also with the comfort and safety of the participants.

Clothing that reduces friction with air:
In order for you to have a comfortable experience during the flight, care should be taken to wear appropriate shoes and clothing that reduce friction with the air. This increases your comfort and maximizes the enjoyment of your flight.

No Age and Weight Limit:
There is no age or weight limit on paragliding tours organized in Alanya. This ensures that everyone, young, old, light or heavy, can participate in this exciting experience.

Flexible Reservation Hours:
Reservation times are quite flexible for those who want to participate in paragliding. You can make a reservation for any time you want between 09:00-17:00 and enjoy the freedom in the skies of Alanya.

Female Pilot Option:
For an extra payment, you can choose the female pilot option on your paragliding tour. This provides a more private and personalized experience, especially for female participants.

Paragliding in Alanya not only offers an adrenaline-filled adventure, but also ensures that participants have a special experience considering their comfort, safety and preferences. Make your paragliding experience in Alanya even more special with clothing that reduces friction with air, no age and weight restrictions, flexible reservation hours and female pilot option!

Weather Information:
The average weather in Alanya is generally sunny and warm. While the temperature varies between 30-35°C in summer, it is around 10-15°C in winter. Weather accompanies holidaymakers as an element that will make the paragliding experience even more enjoyable.

Paragliding tours in Alanya not only offer a safe and exciting experience, but also offer the opportunity to explore the magnificent nature of the region. Don't miss the opportunity to join this unique experience in Alanya at the most affordable prices throughout Antalya!

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