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Alanya paragliding prices

Alanya paragliding prices.. Alanya's magnificent view and unique natural beauties offer a paradise for paragliding enthusiasts. If you want to experience exciting moments and see the beauties of Alanya from a bird's eye view, paragliding may be just the experience for you.

Prices and Duration

Having a paragliding experience in Alanya is no longer a dream. You can experience wonderful moments with an affordable price of approximately 900 TL and a flight time ranging from 10 to 25 minutes. This duration may vary depending on weather conditions, but it will be enough for you to enjoy an adventure full of beautiful views of Alanya.

Safe and Experienced Team

Paragliding is an inherently exciting yet safe sport. There are many companies in Alanya that work with experienced trainers and guides for those who want to have this experience. With your safety at the forefront, you can enjoy freedom in the skies of Alanya accompanied by professional teams.

Magnificent Views

Alanya is a city where history, culture and nature embrace. While paragliding, a view where the impressive view of Alanya Castle meets the golden sand of Cleopatra Beach and the clear waters of the Mediterranean will be waiting for you. Watching these magnificent beauties as they soar in the sky will be an unforgettable experience.

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There are certain age limits and weight criteria for those who want to take to the skies with paragliding in Alanya. There are some basic rules that everyone who wants to experience this exciting experience should know.

Age Limits: 7 Years and Above

You must be at least 7 years old to paraglide in Alanya. This is an age limit set to ensure that the experience meets physical and mental requirements. Children starting from the age of 7 have the chance to experience this unforgettable adventure accompanied by trained guides.

Weight Criteria: Up to 115 kg

The weight of those who want to paraglide is also an important factor. In Alanya, people who want to experience this exciting sport must have a weight of up to 115 kg. This limitation is a criterion established for the safety of the equipment and the successful execution of the flight.

Security is Prioritized

Those who have experienced paragliding in Alanya know that safety is always given priority. Thanks to professional instructors, safety equipment and meticulously planned flight routes, participants of all age groups and different weights can safely enjoy this magnificent adventure.

The paragliding experience combined with the unique natural beauties of Alanya becomes safer and more enjoyable with these regulations regarding age limits and weight criteria. Accompanied by trained guides, anyone over the age of 7 and weighing up to 115 kg can join this unforgettable adventure to discover the beauties of Alanya in the sky.

Paragliding in Alanya means unforgettable moments for adrenaline lovers. I recommend you take advantage of the paragliding opportunities in Alanya for an adventure full of affordable prices, experienced teams and magnificent views. Don't miss this exciting experience to enjoy freedom in the sky and see the beauties of Alanya from a different perspective!