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How to do paragliding in Alanya?

Paragliding is known as an aerial sport for adrenaline junkies and has gained a reputation for not only not requiring a long training period, but also for being an affordable option that adventure lovers of all ages can experience. Soaring freely in the sky, enjoying breathtaking views high above the ground, having an experience full of speed and fun... These are the indescribable feelings that paragliding promises you.

Would you like to fly freely like an eagle in the skies of Alanya? Paragliding in Alanya offers indescribable emotions and exhilaration, giving you an unforgettable sky adventure. This holiday activity may be relatively new, but it is quickly gaining popularity among tourists in Alanya. Everyone needs to be open to new experiences and discover a truly unimaginable feeling of flight. Unlike skydiving, paragliding offers a slow-paced flight with air currents used on the wings and gradual descent.

It is now possible to try this exciting entertainment in Alanya! Imagine yourself as a bird, spread your wings and soar in the sky. Feel the wind hitting your face, watch your hair dancing in the wind. Watch the mountain scenery appearing in the sky, the Mediterranean Sea below and the turquoise waters of Cleopatra Beach.

Don't miss the opportunity to fly like a bird over the golden sandy beach of the Mediterranean from the top of the Taurus Mountains in Alanya. By taking a few steps with a slight incline, you will realize humanity's dream by establishing a safe connection with your pilot and glider.

If you have no knowledge about paragliding, don't worry! You can have your first experience with Tandem Paragliding in Alanya. Enjoy flying towards the magnificent waters of the Mediterranean, accompanied by experienced and reliable pilots. Enjoy flying like a bird from the top of the Taurus Mountains in the mountains of Alanya, enjoying the wind and freedom. You will never forget this unforgettable experience!

Enjoy paragliding and enjoy the unique view on Alanya's famous Cleopatra beach, alone or with your loved ones. Cleopatra has proven itself as one of the paragliding centers of Turkey.

Enjoy the freedom and excitement in the sky in Alanya, an unforgettable adventure awaits you with paragliding!

How to Make a Reservation? Go to the website and choose Alanya Paragliding tour. You can complete your reservation after specifying the date and number of participants. Once your reservation is completed with quick confirmation and ease of payment, the date you have been eagerly awaiting will approach.

Enjoy Freedom in the Sky!

Alanya Paragliding attracts everyone, both experienced paragliders and those who will experience this excitement for the first time. Discover the beauties of Alanya accompanied by professional pilots for a safe and enjoyable flight experience. Step into an unforgettable adventure in Alanya and enjoy freedom in the sky by booking with!