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Places to Visit in Alanya

Alanya Castle – The symbol of Alanya, the castle is located at the top of the city and offers magnificent views of the Mediterranean.

Damlataş Cave – Famous for its travertines and stalactites, this cave can be visited with lighting.

Cleopatra Beach – According to legend, Cleopatra bathed here. It is famous for its peaceful beach and blue waters.

Dim Stream – The river flowing through fossil-filled volcano rocks is ideal for nature walks.

Sapadere Canyon – Suitable for trekking with its wild nature and tracks of various difficulty levels.

Kızlar Pınarı Waterfall – The majestic waterfall falling between the rocks is an ideal stop to cool off.

Keykubat Beach – A cute beach famous for its fun beach clubs as well as its mermaid statues.

Alanya Archeology Museum – historical museum where artifacts from the Roman and Byzantine periods are exhibited.

Alanya Kızılkule – Historical coastal castle, great photo spot.

Düden Waterfall – A visual feast of waterfall falling from the rocks hit by the sea.

You can experience sea, history, culture and nature together in Alanya! It is definitely a city worth seeing.

Things you need to know about Alanya Castle:

It was built by the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat in the century.
Its altitude is 250 meters above sea level and it is built on sheer cliffs.

It has 83 towers and is surrounded by 6.5 kilometers of walls. Its largest tower is Kızılkule.

At the entrance to the castle, two large tunnels are passed. The first is the Middle Gate and the second is Ehmedek.

It contains sections such as old baths, mosques and shipyards. Today it is used as a museum.

Interesting structures such as dungeons, catapult towers and king's chambers can be explored.

It has one of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean and is ideal for photography.

Defensive structures such as ammunition depots and water cisterns can be seen.

It hosts Alanya Jazz Festival and other events every year in July.

It is one of the historical and touristic places that visitors to Alanya must see. It is definitely a wonder to visit!

What you need to know about Damlataş Cave in Alanya:

Damlataş takes its name from the dripstones formed by the water filtering through the limestone structure inside the cave.

Its total length is approximately 1300 meters. The illuminated 250-meter section can be visited for visitors.

There is a lake, stalagmites and stalactites in the cave. It has an impressive appearance with colorful lighting.

It is also used for concerts with its acoustics. Its echoes continue for up to 40 seconds.

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It was opened to visitors in 1948. There is an entrance fee and it is visited by approximately 1 million tourists every year.

There is Damlattaş Café inside the cave. Here you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the cave.

Damlataş water is said to relieve rheumatism pain and is believed to be healing.

It is a natural beauty and underground wonder that you should definitely visit during your trip to Alanya.

What you need to know about Cleopatra Beach:

  • It is the world famous beach of Alanya. It takes its name from the legend of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra swimming in the sea here and bathing to preserve her beauty.
  • The sand of the beach is fine and white. Its sea is clear and it has a blue flag.
  • Its naturalness has been preserved with special landscaping. It is completely surrounded by greenery.
  • Its length reaches 350 meters and its width reaches up to 50 meters.
  • It is within walking distance of Damlataş Cave. The cool waters coming out of the cave mix with the beach.
  • There are various hotels and restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the beach. All needs can be easily met.
  • It is ideal for watching magnificent colors such as turquoise and lavender that appear with the sunset.
  • It is suitable for children as the sea is calm. It is also suitable for snorkeling.
  • There is a fee to enter the beach, but the price is quite affordable.

Alanya is one of the natural beauties you should definitely visit during your holiday. It is a fascinating place with its magnificent sea and view.

What you need to know about Dim Stream:

  • It is the river originating from the Taurus Mountains, south of Alanya.
  • Various fossils and volcanic rocks are found throughout the valley. The most striking among these are petrified tree trunks.
  • There are interesting rock formations that resemble fairy chimneys in Nevşehir. These were formed as a result of volcanic eruptions hundreds of thousands of years ago.
  • The valley has untouched bays hidden in greenery. It is possible to swim in these bays.
  • There are various hiking trails throughout. Ideal for nature walks.
  • Since the water level is low, it can mostly be crossed by walking through the river bed.
  • During the spring months, flowers such as wild orchids, euphorbia and oleander bloom along the stream.
  • The 11-kilometer track near Yanık Village is the most popular route.
  • There are picnic areas. It's a great setting to spend the day relaxing by the river.

Dim Stream is ideal for those who want to experience a different nature in Alanya. It is a fascinating place with its view and geography.

What you need to know about Sapadere Canyon in Alanya:

  • It is one of the most popular trekking areas in the region. It is a frequent destination for nature sports enthusiasts.
  • The valley, which is up to 300 meters deep in places, is surrounded by steep rocks.
  • Sapadere Stream passes through it. Waterfalls and pools have formed throughout the canyon.
  • It has trails of various difficulty levels. Walking times vary between 2-8 hours.
  • There are plenty of culverts on the trails. Passing through these passages is full of adventure.
  • Hidden caves and ravines buried in the forest can be discovered.
  • It is a wonder of natural life with its pine forests, wild flowers and butterflies.
  • The color change of the leaves in autumn offers magnificent views.
  • There are areas suitable for camping.

An unmissable activity for nature lovers and adrenaline junkies. It's definitely a place to go and discover.

What you need to know about Kızlar Pınarı Waterfall in Alanya:

  • It takes its name from the spring where, according to legend, water fairies live.
  • It is located in the forest, near Mahmutlar village.
  • It is a 20 meter high waterfall that flows down from the spring above, through the rocks.
  • It is possible to swim in the cool waters of the waterfall. The surrounding area is full of picnic areas.
  • It is like heaven with its dense vegetation and water filtering through the trees.
  • Right next to the waterfall, there is a historical bridge from the Ottoman period.
  • There is a railway in the region and the passage of the train completes the unique view.
  • There are hiking trails in the surrounding area. It is an ideal location for nature walks.
  • It is one of the peaceful, calm, untouched corners of Alanya.

A wonderful place that nature lovers should not miss. It is fascinatingly beautiful with its cool waters and greenery.

What you need to know about Keykubat Beach:

  • It is one of the most popular beaches in Alanya.
  • It takes its name from Alaaddin Keykubat, who had Alanya Castle built right next to the beach.
  • The beach is thin and white. Its clear sea is in the race for blueness.
  • There is a walking path and bicycle path along the beach.
  • It is possible to rent sun loungers and umbrellas. Food and beverage needs are met by beach bars.
  • Mermaid statues add a special atmosphere to the beach.
  • Facilities for water sports and fun activities are available.
  • Since it is a public beach, it is free.
  • Dim Stream passes through the middle of the beach and mixes with the sea.
  • It has a blue flag beach award for its cleanliness and service quality.
  • It is an ideal beach for families and groups with children.

If you are looking for fun beach life and holiday excitement, I definitely recommend you to experience Keykubat Beach.

What you need to know about Alanya Archaeological Museum:

  • It was founded in 1967 and is located within Alanya Castle.
  • Historical artifacts such as mosaics, sarcophagi and coins from the Late Roman and Byzantine periods are exhibited inside.
  • His most important works include mosaics and sarcophagi from basilicas.
  • Sections within the castle such as the Shipyard, Kızılkule and Cilvarda Tower are also open to visitors as museums.
  • There are sections that provide information about the history, geography and culture of Alanya.
  • The museum also includes artifacts brought from the Phaselis Ancient City.
  • Sculptures, inscriptions, tombs and ancient fountains are exhibited in the garden of the museum.
  • It is one of the best preserved structures of Alanya Castle and its architecture is remarkable.
  • It is an important place that should not be missed during your Alanya trip. History and archeology enthusiasts should definitely visit. Things you need to know about Alanya Kızılkule:
  • It is the largest and most important tower of Alanya Castle.
  • Its height is 33 meters and it has 5 floors.
  • It was built by Red Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat in 1226.
  • The Sultan's belongings and clothes were kept in the tower. It is rumored that it got its name from these items.
  • Today, its interior is used as a restaurant and cafeteria. The terrace at the top dominates the view.
  • The section where the Red Tower is located was strategically important as it dominated the port and shipyard.
  • Due to its location close to the coast, it can also be easily seen from the sea.
  • A narrow staircase consisting of stone steps is used to climb the tower.
  • In the evening, light shows are performed on the exterior of the tower.
  • Most of the tourists who come to the castle go up to the Red Tower and take photos. It stands out as one of the symbolic structures.