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Things to Know About Paragliding

What is Paragliding?

Paragliding is a sport that is usually done by jumping from high places, mountain or hill tops, and gliding with a special wing and a parachute called a paraglider. This sport often requires the ability to take off from slopes and the ability to stay airborne using thermal currents during flight.

Paragliding is an activity generally done for the pleasure of scenery and free flight. However, it can also be done professionally and paragliding pilots can participate in various competitions. This sport is a popular option for many people seeking interaction with nature, freedom and excitement.

When paragliding, equipment such as a special wing, saddle, safety equipment and appropriate clothing are usually used. Athletes can ascend and descend under the influence of the wind, maneuver and fly under control to land on a specific target.

However, paragliding can be a potentially dangerous sport and training is important. It is important to follow safety rules, use the correct equipment and evaluate suitable weather conditions. For this reason, it is recommended that those who want to paraglide receive training from authorized instructors.

What is Tandem Paragliding?

Tandem paragliding is a paragliding flight under the guidance of an instructor and with one passenger, who is usually inexperienced. The term “tandem” is a word of French origin and means “together” or “in pairs”. In this type of flight, the inexperienced person shares the same parachute wing with the instructor.

Tandem paragliding usually allows people to receive short training and then take part in the flight under the guidance of an experienced tandem pilot. The passenger usually sits in a special seat with the instructor, and the instructor assumes control of the flight. In this way, the passenger can experience paragliding even if he/she receives less training.

Tandem paragliding is a popular option for people who want to try this exciting activity but are not proficient in flying on their own. These types of flights are often offered by commercial tandem skydiving services and typically last a few minutes.

During tandem flights, the passenger usually jumps from a high place and enjoys free flight with the instructor. This experience appeals to people who are curious about paragliding or want to try it once. However, it must be carried out in accordance with safety rules and training standards.

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Is Paragliding Safe?

Paragliding is generally considered a safe sport when proper training and safety precautions are taken. However, like every sport, paragliding involves potential risks and one should be aware of these risks. For a safe paragliding experience, the following precautions should be taken into consideration:

  1. Education: Before paragliding, it is important to enroll in a training program. Instruction by a licensed instructor teaches basic parachute skills and emphasizes safe flight principles.
  2. Equipment: It is of great importance to use appropriate and reliable equipment. Equipment such as parachutes, saddles, helmets and wind vests must be maintained regularly and comply with safety standards.
  3. Weather conditions: Weather conditions should be carefully evaluated before paragliding. Wind speed, direction, thermals and other weather factors must be controlled and flown under suitable conditions for safe flight.
  4. Licenses and Permissions: A license or permit may be required in some regions to paraglide. Applicable local regulations and rules must be observed.
  5. Physical Preparation: Paragliding does not require a specific physical form, but general health is important. People with health problems should first consult a doctor and get approval to do sports.
  6. Conscious Decisions: People who paraglide should know their limits and avoid risky situations. Making informed decisions and minimizing risks is the key to safe flight.

Paragliding can be a great option for interacting with nature and enjoying free flight, but it is important that safety always comes first. Receiving training, complying with safety standards and making informed decisions are basic requirements to practice this sport safely.

What are the weather conditions for paragliding?

Suitable weather conditions for paragliding are important for safe flight. Flying in unsuitable weather conditions can pose serious safety risks. Ideal weather conditions include:

  1. Wind Speed and Direction: Wind speed and direction are the determining factors for paragliding. The wind speed must be below a certain limit and blow in a constant direction. Generally, the suitable wind speed for paragliding is between 5 and 20 km/h. It is also important that the wind does not fluctuate.
  2. Thermals and Air Currents: Thermal currents are bubbles of hot air rising through the air and can be used by paraglider pilots for ascent. However, excessive thermal activity or air currents may increase the risk of losing control. Therefore, calm and predictable weather conditions are preferred, especially for novice pilots.
  3. Cloud Status: Clear weather conditions are preferred during paragliding. Cloudy weather can make it difficult for pilots to see their surroundings and cause them to lose reference points when landing. Additionally, cloudy weather can often increase thermal activity, making flying more complicated.
  4. Rain Condition: Rain or snowfall are weather conditions that are not suitable for paragliding. Wet equipment can cause loss of control and impair visibility during flight.
  5. Storms and Severe Weather Events: Thunderstorms, high winds, lightning and other severe weather events can be extremely dangerous for paragliders. Flying in such weather conditions should be avoided.

Before paragliding, it is important to look at current weather reports and evaluate local weather conditions. In addition, flying under the supervision of an experienced pilot and evaluating weather conditions in a trained manner is also critical for safety.

Alanya Paragliding

Alanya is a popular tourist resort located on the Mediterranean coast in southern Turkey. Alanya is known for its magnificent natural beauties, historical riches and sunny climate. This type of destination can also offer an ideal environment for outdoor activities such as paragliding.

Those who want to paraglide in Alanya can usually gain experience through private paragliding schools or tour operators. Such organizations provide tourists with training, equipment supply and the opportunity to fly with experienced pilots.

You can pay attention to the following elements when paragliding in Alanya:

  1. Training and Guidance: Before participating in any paragliding activity, it is important that you train under the guidance of an experienced pilot or instructor. With proper training, you learn basic parachute skills and practice safe flight.
  2. Security Standards: Make sure that paragliding operators in Alanya comply with safety standards. Elements such as regular maintenance of equipment, pilots' licenses, weather conditions evaluations are important for a safe flight.
  3. Weather conditions: Before flying, carefully consider the day's weather conditions. Wind speed, direction, thermal activities and other meteorological factors can affect the safety of the flight.
  4. Viewing Opportunities: If you want to see the magnificent views of Alanya, you can create an opportunity to observe these beauties by choosing a specific flight route. For example, aerial views of tourist attractions such as Alanya Castle and Cleopatra Beach can be quite impressive.
  5. Advance Reservation: If you want to go paragliding, it is wise to make a reservation in advance. This can provide better alignment for training and flight planning.

Paragliding experience can be an unforgettable adventure for those who want to explore the beauties of nature and enjoy free flight. However, it is important to always pay attention to safety rules and the guidance of experienced guides.

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